WTiN Digital Textile Conference 2018 in New York

On the 24th of July our Marketing & IP Legal Executive,  Reshma Bhansing , will represent Coldenhove at the WTiN North America Digital Textile Conference in New York.

Reshma Bhansing holds a Msc degree in Business Administration from the University of Twente and a LLM degree in Intellectual Property Law from Maastricht University. Reshma is responsible at Coldenhove for developing marketing programs, brand management and sponsorships – creating long-term sustainable growth. By educating the market and promoting the sublimation transfer process in the digital textile industry, a distinctive approach has been taken that sets Coldenhove apart in the industry.

The 2018 edition of the NADTC will elaborate on digital print’s place in a re-envisioned supply chain, and will touch on connectivity up and downstream. With Industry 4.0 driving global development in automated technology and networked manufacturing systems, the US market is afforded a great opportunity to on-shore production of clothing and home textiles. Without doubt, this is being led by the flourishing digital textile print sector, which showcases the benefits of dynamic business practices and manufacturing processes.

The presentation will take place in the session “Market Opportunities and Developing Business Models” and the theme will be  “ When paper meets fashion”.

Sublimation is experiencing a tremendous growth in the digital textile printing world and it does not seem to slow down in the near future. The current market is demanding faster turnover times and smaller order minimums. This is challenging paper manufacturers to come up with a digital sublimation transfer paper collection that is able to reduce downtime for optimizing their client's production space, and that simultaneously produces the perfect print. This presentation will focus on how a high quality transfer paper impacts the final print, which is decisive for its use in the high-end fashion market.

  1. How does it work?
  2. Important factors for a qualitative paper
  3. Coated v Uncoated papers - What is the difference
  4. Relevance of paper weight for different market segments
  5. Sustainability - facts and fables
  6. Customer case study