IMI Europe Digital Printing Conference 2018 in Barcelona

On 20 September 2018 our Senior Sales Executive, Gijsbert Harmsen, will represent Coldenhove at the IMI Europe Digital Printing Conference in Barcelona.

With a strong background in international marketing and export management, Gijsbert has been working for Coldenhove since 1986. He is also part of the team who guided digital dye sublimation printing from its infancy in 1998 to today’s globally recognised digital printing market. Gijsbert is responsible for Coldenhove sales activities in different parts of the world, and for all of the OEM and End User marketing.

The IMI Europe Digital Printing Conference is the premiere strategic overview of the European and worldwide inkjet industry, trusted by executives and business developers for more than 15 years. This two-day conference offers strategic business insights and high-level technology overviews, with speakers from leading names in the industry.

Representing Coldenhove, the inventor of digital dye sublimation paper, Gijsbert will be part of this group of industry forerunners. It’s our approach in educating the market and promoting the dye sublimation process that continues to set Coldenhove apart from other suppliers within the industry.

The theme of Gijsbert’s presentation will be: The sustainable development of dye sublimation papers and trends within the digital textile printing industry.

The growth of sublimation in the digital textile printing world is nowhere near slowing down. The market demands faster turnover times and smaller order minimums. Paper manufacturers are challenged to come up with a digital sublimation transfer paper collection that is able to meet these market requirements in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. Gijsbert’s presentation will focus on Coldenhove’s developments in the portfolio of digital dye sublimation transfer papers, and how our developments will help to preserve our precious environment.